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2017 NECINA AI Conference

How AI Technology Empower Your Career Success


In the sphere of business, Artificial Intelligence is poised have a transformational impact, and the effects will be magnified in the coming decades. As manufacturing, retailing, transportation, finance, healthcare, law, advertising, insurance, entertainment, education, and virtually every other industry transform their core processes and business models to take advantage of machine learning, AI has catalyzed waves of innovations and new opportunities. The bottleneck now is in management, implementation, and business imagination.

This conference will focus on the practical implications and the potential barrier to adoption of AI technologies in two vertical industries: healthcare and finance. We believe that the interdisciplinary discussion will evolve insightful and innovative ideas.

Registration: through EventDove or Liaoyuan

Time: 10: 00 am ~ 5:00 pm 12/2/2017 Saturday 

Location: Cambridge Innovation Center (1 Broadway, Cambridge, MA) Room: Havana (5th floor) 

* ID is required to access the building

Host & Co-host: NECINA, Liaoyuan, CIC

Partners: Po Dan Boston, Harvard Medical School CSSA


Who should come:

As an audience:

·      Understand the pain point of the industry for the entrepreneurs

·      Make a clearer career plan for young professionals and new graduates

·      Get ideas for choosing research and industry areas for PhDs and post-doctors

As a speaker & guest:

·      Help and contribute to the growth Boston AI community

·      Connect with other speakers & VIP guests to discover opportunities for career development

·      Get a communication channel with guests & audiences to find talents, partners


9:30 am ~ 10:00 am Registration & Breakfast

10:00 am ~ 11:00 am keynote 1 Coach Wei, Topic— Migrant Mentality: Learning, Career and Entrepreneurship

(45 min talk + 15 min Q&A)

11: 00 am ~ 12: 00 pm keynote 2:  Royal Wang, Topic: Deep Reinforcement Learning and Its Practical Applications

(45 min talk + 15 min Q&A)

12:00 pm ~ 1:00 pm Lunch Break

1:00 pm ~ 2:00 pm Panel 1: HR Panel


Malar Patel | Technical Talent Strategies @ Google

Richard Qiao | Advanced Analytics Director @ Mullen Lowe

Yujie Zong | Sr Manager, Digital Analytics @ CVS

(10 min individual talk + 30 min Q&A)

2:00 pm ~ 3:20 pm panel 2: AI in Healthcare


Tenghui Chen | Bioinformatics Scientist @ Sanofi Oncology

Quan Yang, Ph.D. | Director and Global Head of Biology Information System Group @ Novartis Institutes For Biomedical Research

Dr. Eddy Chen | M.D. Faculty Instructor in Medicine @ Harvard Medical School, Attending Oncologist @ MGH Fellow, Connected Health Innovation @ Harvard University.

(20 min individual talk + 20 min Q&A)

3:30 pm ~ 4:50 pm panel 3AI in Finance


David Xiao | CEO and Founder at Katapal, Inc

Yunpeng Zhang | Sr. Quantitative Analyst, VP at State Street

Victor Cao | COO at AuthRight

(20 min individual talk + 20 min Q&A)

5:00 pm Networking

Speakers (complete)

- Coach Wei | Founder of Teamjoy, Executive Chairman at Yottaa

Mr. Wei is the founder of Teamjoy, a software company that focuses on AI application. He is also the founder and CEO of Yottaa, which provides a cloud-based automation platform that enables businesses to optimize, secure and manage end-user experience in real time for their online and mobile applications. Before Yottaa, Mr. Wei served as the CTO of Nexaweb Technologies, a Boston based company he founded in 2000, that pioneered Rich Internet Applications and Enterprise Web 2.0 and was acquired by a public company from South Korean. Mr. Wei is an accomplished writer and speaker; he has published numerous articles on topics including AJAX, J2EE and .NET, RIA development, XML, signal/image processing, composite materials and ultrasonic imaging. He was named as “40 under 40” and “Interactive Experience Award” by Boston Business Journal, “Most Innovative Cloud Technology” by Mass TLC.

- Royal Wang | Sunny Crown, Founder

Royal and his friends at Sunny Crown concentrate on applying the knowledge of Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction to specific scenes. Their products, Personalized Intelligent Tutor (PI Tutor) for example, could learn from user behavior and provide a personalized learning experience. Based on Deep Learning, PI Tutor understands the character and need of each user, therefore, improves learning efficiency and effectiveness. Another example is their home AI, Home++, which connects to multifarious devices and services, and satisfies the personalized desire for smart home. Royal has years of experience in industrial companies like Microsoft Research, and he also served as a visiting scientist at the University of Washington. His doctoral research at Brown University focuses on Personalized AI and Explainable AI via Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning.

Malar Patel | People Operations Group @ Google Cambridge

Mr. Patel is currently working for People Operations Group at Google Cambridge. His primary responsibility is to grow the office, create effective HR strategies, collaborate with hiring managers, work with candidates to fully prepare them for the interviews. Mr. Patel started his career as a recruiter at TEKsystems where he was responsible for developing and fostering strong relationships with technical professionals in the market. He successfully moved into the Senior Account Management role, where he got exposed to multiple industries such as investment banks, healthcare organizations, startups, media companies, etc. Years of experiences give Mr. Patel the knowledge to help build a more inclusive workplace that promotes growth and innovation.

- Yujie Zong | Senior Manager at CVS

Zong Yujie is currently a senior manager at CVS Digital Analytics. He has extensive experience in data analysis, BI, Predictive Analytics and more. He is also a US East-coast Principal at Yingchuang Campus (MIC), which is a fast-growing online knowledge sharing platform in China. He has served for both Staples and CVS, transformed from a newbie to the senior manager in five years. He has given career talks in many colleges in Boston, has a deep understand the pain point of job-seekers.

Richard Qiao | Advanced Analytics Director @ Mullen Lowe

Richard currently serves as the Advanced Analytics Director for Mullen Lowe - a famous advertising agency. He is leading a cross-city and multinational analytics team to participate in the strategic analysis and capital optimization for many Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries. Richard has many years of experience in data analysis, statistical modeling and business consulting. He is part of a start-up consulting analytics company based on big data platform in China.

- Tenghui Chen, Ph.D. | Bioinformatics Scientist @ Sanofi Oncology

Tenghui works primarily in building data mining system for preclinical drug target discovery and applying artificial intelligence in clinical biomarker discovery and patient stratification. He holds a Ph.D. degree in bioinformatics from the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, with a focus on studying cancer genomics and enhancing its application in precision medicine.

- Dr. Eddy Chen, M.D. | Faculty Instructor in Medicine @ Harvard Medical School, Attending Oncologist @ MGH Fellow, Connected Health Innovation @ Harvard University.
Dr. Eddy Chen is a practicing oncologist at MGH with a special focus on improving how care is delivered to cancer patients. With both industry and clinical experience, he understands the workflow challenges and pain points that need to be addressed in order for innovative technologies to be adopted. Dr. Chen is also active in the start-up space, advising and co-founding companies related to healthcare.

- Quan Yang, Ph.D. | Director and Global Head of Biology Information System Group Novartis Institutes For Biomedical Research 

Yang Quan is currently the Global Head of Bioinformatics Research and Development Center at Novartis Pharmaceutical. He holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and a master's degree in computer science. He previously worked for Verizon and Nokia, specializing in telecom data systems development; then he joined multiple Biotech companies in Boston, shifted to the area of bioinformatics data system development. At Novartis, he leads a global team to develop the bioinformatics data system for new drugs; tasks include the data collection, management, integration, and analysis.

- Yupeng Zhang | Vice President at State Street

Dennis has more than seven years of experience in quantitative financial modeling and has a unique view of the blockchain, FinTech and deep learning. He is the certified FRM (Financial Risk Manager) and ERP (Energy Risk Professional).

David Xiao | CEO and Founder at Texthood

David Xiao is the CEO and Founder of the Texthood, a Boston-based start-up bringing the ability to order and pay over text messages securely and conveniently. Prior to founding the Texthood, he was faculty at the CNRS in Paris, France and visiting faculty at Harvard University. He obtained his Ph.D. from Princeton and has published over 20 papers in international conferences and journals on various topics including algorithms, cryptography, and machine learning.

Victor Cao | COO at AuthRight

Victor is currently the COO of AuthRight, a Boston-based information security & technology consulting firm. He has many years of experience in data solutions architecture and business development, has worked on modern data warehousing, financial technology, advanced analytics platform development, integrated platform as a service and big data architecture. His start-up company focuses on solving the core issues of personal wealth and investment management; its analytical framework incorporated artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Parking & Direction:  

By Car: Free parking at MIT Tang Center (E-51) parking Lot or street meter parking

By Subway: Kendall Square T station (Red line) 



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Date Time

2017-12-02 10:00 - Start

2017-12-02 17:00 - End

CIC Building 5th Floor Room Havana
  • 1 Broadway , CAMBRIDGE  MA